40 x Neo Hair Root Nutrients & Treatment 120ml + 20 piece of Derma Hair roller

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The Best-selling hair care product helps restore hair roots and create new hair cells. It can prevent the problem of the scalp, bald head, hair loss, thin hair, dandruff permanently from research and development with international standards. It contains many kinds of herbal extracts, 100% safe, higher quality than any other product — the first in Thailand, Confirmed with voice feedback from users all over Thailand.

 Neo Hair Lotion Product Contains Extracts From natural herbs, Passed examination, and research Experiments with results that are genuinely safe for consumers.

Certified by the FDA.

FDA Registration number 73-1-5700066

How to use:

Gently comb your Hair 2-3 times and spray Neo Hair Lotion on the scalp, then lightly brush the whole scalp. Use regularly morning and night. Suggestion: You must have disciplines and be patient. Spray the product on your scalp as much as possible without washing it away. If you want to see the result as soon as possible, then spray the product two times (It is recommended to use baby shampoo if you are bold or have short hair). Regularly using the product can provide the result faster than another way. Use one to three bottles of the products to see the result.

Micro-needling Derma Hair Roller details:


Material: Grade A Titanium

Length: 0.5mm

Drastic Improvement: 

Bald Spots

Receding Hairline

Breaking Edges

Thinning Hair

Temporary Hair Loss

About the product:

Reactivates scalp’s natural regeneration process;

Stimulates protein production & cell growth responsible for new hair growth;

Increases scalp circulation & nutrients to follicles;

540 Grade A Titanium;

Anti bacteria & infection;

Safe & painless;


Hair Regrowth Micro-needling Roller is designed for professional home use on hair loss control & regrowth by triggering body’s wound healing response.


Step 1 : Sterilize roller in alcohol solution before and after each use;

Step 2 : Wash and dry hair;

Step 3 : Apply pressure. Roll back and forth in desired area for 4 - 5 times. Switch direction;

Step 4 : Apply scalp serum after use if necessary;

Step 5 : Use 1-2 times a week.

Do not use:

On open wounds.

On acne or irritated skin.

Do not share it ( strictly avoided).

Replace your derma roller after 20 uses to avoid blunt needles.

Don’t be harsh to your scalp or skin, in order to avoid injuries.

You will receive 40 bottles of Neo Hair Lotion 120ml each, and 20 piece of Derma Hair roller (0.75mm, Free Color)


40 x Neo Hair Root Nutrients & Treatment 120ml + 20 piece of Derma Hair roller