Choa Hair Removal Cream Cho-Ar Hair Removal 200 ml

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Product Code: Choa Hair Removal Cream Cho-Ar Hair Removal
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Choa Hair Removal Cream Cho-Ar Hair Removal 200 ml 

Choa Hair Removal Cream Cho-Ar Hair Removal 200 ml

Choa Hair Removal Cream Cho-Ar Hair Removal

Cho-ar Choa, tell me it's not normal. It is the latest skin care innovation from Korea, which is a special formula of Cho-Ar only. The new formula is larger, more cost-effective.

Thick armpit hair, dark armpits, chicken skin, body odor, can be managed with hair removal mousse, white skin formula, Choa brand, imported from Korea, 100% authentic.

Hair removal products, mousse meat, white formula, reduce dark spots, imported from Korea. with new innovations in hair removal Special formula for Cho-Ar only. Pure enzyme from pineapple and papaya juice. Helps to remove hair gently It takes only about 10 minutes and reveals a new white skin without dark spots.

Genuine skin whitening formula imported from Korea. Confident, 100% safe.

- Pure enzymes from pineapple and papaya juice serves to open pores down to the root of the hair weakens the hair It only takes about 10 minutes and the hair will fall off easily. It also helps to exfoliate skin cells. Ready to nourish the skin to be white and bright. dark spots fade

- Korean Tangerine Helps to nourish and lock the whiteness of the skin.

- Mineral water from Jeju Island It is responsible for providing moisture to the skin, not dry and tight.

- Olive oil and honey Helps to restore healthy skin.

- Witch Hazel Extract Helps to prevent skin irritation in hair removal.

Mechanism of action of Choa hair removal mousse

Mechanism 1: Hair removal and deep cleansing of the skin.

The purified enzymes from pineapple and papaya juices are specially formulated to open pores. Ready to go deep into the hair roots It only takes about 10 minutes, the hairs will be softly weakened, easier to fall off and stimulate the new hair to be smaller and thinner. when used continuously

Mechanism 2: Exfoliate old skin cells new skin whitening

and reduce dark spots with pure enzymes from pineapple and papaya juice It will help to shed dark skin cells. Reveal white and clear skin. It also helps to reduce dark spots on the skin. to clearly whiten skin with Korean tangerine extract that helps to lock in white and nourish your skin to be naturally white It also contains Jeju mineral water, olive oil, honey and witch hazel extract. used to restore Provides moisture to the skin. and help prevent irritation to the skin in hair removal

Therefore, hair removal mousse Choa Cool White Formula (white skin) is the best seller in Korea. Confident with safety and quality

Registration number 10-2-6010008899  


Choa Hair Removal Cream Cho-Ar Hair Removal 200 ml

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