Melaklear Nano Alpha Arbutin Anti-Melasma Concentrate Cream

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Melaklear Nano Alpha Arbutin Anti-Melasma Concentrate Cream

Melasma Cream Clear Nano Alpha Arbutin Anti-Melasma Concentrate The ultimate innovation of melasma cream, Melclear Nano Alpha Arbutin Anti-Melasma. Concentrate solves all facial skin problems. To the results of the skin looking radiant in 10 days with Arbutin in the form of nano innovation That penetrates deeply into the skin exactly To deal with all skin problems such as blemishes, deep coverage to the root cause of blemishes, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Along with adding moisture to the skin to look radiant with 5 efficacy

Protect your skin from blemishes (Protect)

Revitalize and repair the skin. From the problem of dark spots (Repair)

Adjust the skin to look radiant. And reduce dullness (Brighten)

Exfoliate for smooth skin (Renew)

Maintain radiance and even skin tone (Balance)

Nano-Arbutin is a small particle. It is a whitening agent that is more effective than normal whitening agents, can be absorbed into the skin to deal with blemishes. And the process of making skin pigmentation deeply Make the skin look radiant. Natural glow

Net Content: 10 g.

How to use: Apply all over face morning and night.


Melaklear Nano Alpha Arbutin Anti-Melasma Concentrate Cream

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