Herbal Facial Scrub Tanaka+Collagen - Supaporn (50g)

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Herbal Facial Scrub Tanaka + Collagen for the face is made of Tanaka tree powder and collagen.

Tanaka tree, whose powder is designed to fight skin problems, revitalizing it, making it softer and younger by touch. Collagen, a special ingredient, is added to help improve skin tone and reduces wrinkles. The result after applying scrub is a radiant and smooth skin.


Mix the scrub with water, apply the resulting mass to the face, gently massage for 5-10 minutes.


Calcium carbonate, Tanaka powder, persimmon extract, flavored turmeric powder, glutamate sodium lauryl, fragrance perfume, borneol, xylitol, silica, triclosan, ascorbyl sodium phosphate, coenzyme Q, collagen, ginger powder.


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