Gold Shape Face Slimming Cream

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Product Code: Gold Shape Face Slimming Cream
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Gold Shape Face  Slimming Cream

for face 60ml

reduce face fat for face

Double chin reduction

reduce excess cheeks

make the face slender

Gold Shape Face Slimming Cream Skin tightening cream Reduce face fat for face 60ml

Enriched with the value of natural plant extracts, a unique formula helps reduce excess fat around the face and neck. Enhance your face Tighten the skin to be tight, smooth, protect the skin to be flexible. Ready to nourish the skin to be soft.

How to use

Apply the cream on the face, under the chin and neck until completely absorbed. Repeat several times. The more you use, the more effective it is. 2 times a day after washing your face, morning and night.


Gold Shape Face Slimming Cream