Faq Manager

Registration and ordering

Click on “register” on the right upper corner of the web page. You need a valid e-mail address. After registration, you will receive a confirmation.  If you did not receive the confirmation email please contact us. It is also possible to register when checking out

When signed in you are able to see the status of your order, order history, ordered products, invoices and so on. Your account is password protected. It is not accessible for third parties.

When you finished shopping click on “Cart” on the right upper corner. It is possible to change your order. Follow the instructions to finish your order. Note, you have the option to choose to pay by PayPal.


We will ship your parcel within 3-5 working days.

After the parcel has been given we will send you the tracking number of your parcel.

For information please contact your customs office.

You should go to the post office to take down notes of the damage within one week. It is important to take the complete package to the post office. Without the notes of the damage made up in the post office will not compensate you. You should also contact the customer service immediately. We ask you to send detailed pictures of the damaged goods.

You can use the address that you prefer (for example French language). It is not necessary to translate your address to English.

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