Dok Bua Ku Original Herbal Toothpaste - Twin Lotus (100g)

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Brand: Twin Lotus
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Package Quantity: 100 g
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Dok Bua Ku Original Herbal Toothpaste - Twin Lotus

"Dark, Coarse and Bitter are good", because it is made from natural herbs."

“Dark” as we blend assorted natural herbs together without bleaching them to preserve its natural goodness.

“Coarse” as our herb powder will be swelled when absorbing water, giving the softness and high flexibility in cleaning teeth and gum smoothly without damaging teeth enamel.

“Bitter” as it is the original taste of natural herbs.

Altogether it helps clean your teeth and gum, eliminates bad breath, and safely decreases cigarettes, tea, and coffee stains, as well as keeps your breath fresh and clean all day long.

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