Yanhee Extract Paniculata (Fartab) 60 Tablets buy from Thailand

Yanhee Extract Paniculata (Fartab) 60 Tablets

It is a herbal medicine that is used as an antipyretic.

Ingredients in 1 tablet

- Andrographis paniculata extract 80 mg. (Prepared from 500 mg. Andrographis paniculata)

- Finely crushed blueberry paniculata 50 mg.

1 tablet contains andrographolide (Andrographolide) 5.5 mg.

Dosage: Take 3 tablets 3 times a day after meals.


Store at room temperature

Traditional home remedy

Drug registration number G494/60

Read the warning on the label before using the medication.

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YA FARTAB (Andrographis paniculata / Green chiretta / Creat) Yanhee YA FARTAB 60 Tablets

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