Crispy Flour Original Flavor - Ajinomoto (90g)

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Brand: Ajinomoto
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Crispy Flour Original Flavor - Ajinomoto (RosDee menu)


1. Prepare 1kg meat or vegetable

2. Pour 160 ml of cold water into flour (90g). mix well together

3. Dip meat or vegetable into batter and deep fry until crispy golden Brown

Tip for Deliciousness use very cold water dissolve flour in order to get long-lasting crispiness.


Wheat Flour 70%, Tapioca Starch 13%, Baking Powder 4%, Iodized Salt 4%, Garlic Powder 1%, Pepper Powder 0.2%, INS 341, INS 450, INS 412.


Crispy, Flour, Original, Flavor

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