Seasoning Mix For Chicken - Lobo (50g x 2)

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Seasoning Mix For Chicken - Lobo

Recipe: Baked, Grilled or Fried Chicken

1. Prepare 1 kg. (about 2 lb.) chicken or chicken parts.

2. Dissolve contents of 1 packet with 1/4 cup (60 ml.) water. Soak and rub chicken. Marinate 1 hour.

3. CHARCOAL GRILL Grill over charcoal. Baste skin with vegetable oil. Turn frequently.

4. FRY Deep fry in vegetable oil at medium heat until chicken turns golden brown.

5. BAKE  Bake at 375 F or 190 C for 30-45 minutes.


Sugar, Soy Sause Powder, Salt, Spices, Vegetable Oil, Silicon Dioxide, Natural Colour.

Allergen Information:

Contains soybean and wheat. 


Seasoning, Mix, For, Chicken

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