Herbal Infusion Green Tea Flavored - Fitne (35.25g)

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Brand: Fitne
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REG №: G 718/53
EAN: 8850369014277
Package Quantity: 35.25 g
Shipping Weight: 90 g

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Herbal tea with green tea and hay with additives of honey and lemon. Herbal Green Flavored Tea - Fitne helps to get rid of excess calories and effectively reduce excess weight.


Senna leaves 67.32 gr,  Senna Pods 21.28 gr, Green Tea, lemon powder, honey.


Drop one bag in a cup of boiling water, leave for 10-20 minutes. drink before bedtime or as needed.


Serving Size: 1 sachet (2.35 g)

In the package: 15 servings (15 sachets) 35.25 grams


Herbal, Infusion, Green, Tea

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