Tom Yum

Every tourist who has ever been in Thailand has tried the national soup, Tom Yum. This is perhaps the most popular soup in Thai cuisine and if you were in Thailand, but did not try this dish, then you did not fully experience the country of smiles! There are several recipes for this soup and difference will depend mostly on from which province of Thailand this recipe is. But the most popular variant is prepared on the basis of coconut milk. Tom Yum soup also differs in composition, it could be prepared with shrimps and then the full name will be Tom Yum Kung, or with chicken - Tom Yum Ka, also with fish and seafood - Tom Yum Pla and Tom Yum Talay respectively. And the recipe of Tom Yam will include certain sets of spices, which in Thailand can be found immediately for those who once loved this soup and don’t want to live without it in their homeland.

To prepare Tom Yum in the first place you will need a chili paste, which of course, you can prepare by yourself, but you can buy ready and good quality. Of course, you will definitely need lemongrass, galangal, kafir, coriander, fish sauce, straw mushrooms, lime juice, coconut milk and for choice chicken, shrimp, fish or a set of seafood.

Tom Yum soup has a truly amazing taste, Thai people are eating it with confidence that its special recipe will help to prevent cancer, and indeed, among the Thai people, this disease is extremely rare.

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