Grakcu Capsule 30 capsules (5 BOX)

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Grakcu Capsule 30 capsules (5 BOX)

Natural capsules for men of completely plant origin to increase potency – 6 capsules per pack. (5 paks 30 capsules)

The composition of the Grakcu Capsule capsules contains the most powerful herbal tonics that affect the increase in the duration of intercourse, the rapid onset of a persistent long-term erection, and the speedy recovery of the body between intercourse.

Method of application of male Thai capsules Grakcu:

Take 1 to 2 capsules once daily before meals.

The package contains 6 capsules, made in Thailand.

Grakcu Capsule 30 capsules 5 BOX


Grakcu Capsule 30 capsules (5 BOX)

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