Menevit, vitamins, supplements, nourishing sperm

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Menevit, vitamins, supplements, nourishing sperm, increasing sperm, semen, nourishing products for men who are infertile, genuine

Menevit vitamins, supplements

Vitamins to prepare for fertility for men Menevit, the number 1 in the world.


 Genuine products imported from Australia.

Take 1 tablet per day

Why choose Menevit to prepare your body and nourish your sperm?

Menevit is manufactured by Elevit, the number 1 Australian company specializing in Pregnancy Vitamins. who want to prepare for becoming a father Helps sperms complete, strong, increase sperm volume to increase the chances of having children Suitable for fathers with weak sperm or low sperm volume. want to increase the quality and efficiency of sperm

Menevit contains 7 minerals and antioxidants.

Fathers should take this at least 3 months in advance of planning to have children. and continue to eat until the mother is pregnant

for effective performance It should be taken with meals, 1 tablet per day (preferably at the same time every day).

Who should take Menevit?

Menevit is ideal for men planning a family and having children.

People who have problems with sperm is not healthy. want to increase sperm volume

Families with difficult children Been trying for more than a year without protection but still haven't had children. considered to be in the criterion of having a difficult child

Families that are getting older (over the age of 30) husbands and wives should start taking healthy supplements. before the period of planning to begin pregnancy Because proper nutrition affects the health of eggs and sperm, helping to keep the internal DNA intact. Prevent the occurrence of genetic diseases that often occur when parents are older.

Did you know that half of fertility is caused by a man?

“Infertility” is a term used to refer to an infertile or infertile couple. in the United States About 7 million Americans (or 1 in 8 married couples of childbearing age) suffer from infertility.

Most of the time when having a difficult child, they tend to think that infertility is "Women's problem" in fact. Problems with infertility are caused by men and women equally anyway. It is estimated that 35% of infertility problems are attributed to women, 35% to men, and other unspecified causes or are the result of problems for both men and women. together

sperm is not healthy have a low running rate big problem infertility

Those with less than 40 percent of sperm motile or swimming well have a significantly lower chance of sperm traveling to fertilize an egg. With low sperm count (less than 15 million sperm per ml), the chances of having a fertility spontaneous child are almost impossible. Menevit is combined with exercise and rest. It is another option that increases your chances of having children. Before deciding to use medical methods to help

Recommendations for taking Menevit

Take 1 tablet daily with food.

Since the periphery of sperm production lasts 74-78 days, Menevit should be taken at least 3 months prior to conception.

No side effects have been reported from the use of this medication. However, since it contains 26mcg of selenium, you should not take more than 4 tablets (100mcg/day).

Ingredients per 1 capsule


ZINC (As zinc sulphate monohydrate): 25mg.

d-alpha-tocpherol (vit E): 400 IU

FOLIC ACID: 500 mcg


GARLIC OIL (equiv allium sativum bulb fresh 1 g) 333 mcg

SELENIUM (As selenomethionine) 26 mcg


Menevit, vitamins, supplements, nourishing sperm

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