Hiruscar gel

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Hiruscar gel scar is applied to the skin of the face and all parts of the body.

What is Hiruscar?

A clear gel that helps to care for problematic skin, quickly absorbed, is not sticky and does not leave a lint on the skin.

What does Hiruscar consist of?

MPS active ingredient combined with Allium Cepa

Or an onion extract concentrated 34 times

in combination with 4 other substances

 It is 34 times more effective than Allium Cepa in Thailand from HPLC test.

What can Hiruscar be used for?

Used to care for problematic skin, such as after surgery, helps to fade dark circles. And helps make the skin look smooth and consistent

In what cases is Hiruscar used?

It is used to care for problem skin and helps prevent the appearance of unwanted marks, such as traces of surgery, accidents, fire, scalds, chickenpox, as well as to help reduce bumps and keloids.

How is Hiruscar used?

Squeeze the gel texture moderately, apply a thin layer to problematic skin 2-3 times a day.

For face application, apply Hiruscar before any skincare or makeup application to allow the gel to be absorbed more effectively.

Hiruscar gel 25 g


Hiruscar gel