Siang Pure Nasal Inhaler (2ml)

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Siang Pure Nasal Inhaler - a natural remedy for combating the stuffy nose, is also indispensable for those who suffer from motion sickness and dizziness when traveling. The natural oils included in the composition make it safe to use and have no contraindications.

This inhaler consists of the upper part in which is the inhaler-pencil itself, in the bottom - a container with essential oils.


Inhale the inhaler from the top with the nose in place, or if you feel an unpleasant odor.

Apply a little oil from the bottom of the inhaler to the scales to prevent motion sickness, dizziness or nausea.

Apply a little oil to the bite site by insects to relieve itching or swelling.


Menthol (55.9%), peppermint oil (3.727%), camphor (4.969%), borneol (9%), eucalyptus oil (6.2%), mineral oil (base).


Siang, Pure, Nasal, Inhaler

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