Tooth Polishing Powder Plus Herbs - Supaporn (90g)

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Tooth powder (tooth polish) on herbs Supaporn Plus Herbs is designed to give the teeth and gums a long fresh breath. Having in the composition of natural ingredients of Thai herbs, the powder carefully takes care of the health of the oral cavity, provides gentle cleansing of the teeth and gums.

Having a polishing effect, Supaporn tooth powder will give your teeth a shine, and with regular use will lighten your teeth for a few tones.

The polish contains a shell powder (inner shell) of a special kind of cuttlefish - it is added to the paste to enhance the polishing effect.


Apply the powder to a damp toothbrush. Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. Use twice a day in the morning and in the evening, or every time after eating. Powder can also be used in combination with your toothpaste.


Sodium bicarbonate, cuttlefish herb powder, sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, calcium carbonate, borneol, camphor, menthol, flavors.


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