DANTE toothpaste, white teeth

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DANTE toothpaste, white teeth, oral care, solve bad breath problems, stains, cigarettes, coffee, limestone, size 80 g

alleviate all oral problems

 Reduces cigarette stains, absorbs cigarette odors Refreshing after conversion

 Reduce tea stains, coffee stains, yellow stains, black stains on the teeth surface.

 white teeth

 Eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath Fresh breath

 Does not destroy tooth enamel

 Maintain strong gums

Removes limestone and bacteria well.

with a mixture of various extracts


Guava leaves - reduce bad breath by effectively eliminating bacteria in the mouth.

Licorice Root - Strengthens gums. back to light pink

Green apple - for freshness after brushing. It also suppresses nicotine very well.

Microbeads - gently whiten teeth without damaging the enamel.

PVP - Solvent for yellow stains, black stains that adhere to the tooth surface.

CyclodextrinComplex - Traps oral odors. and dissolves while spitting out

#bad breath is no joke

end of bad breath No remains of bad smell with Dante toothpaste for smokers and coffee drinkers.

white teeth, fresh breath

Size 80 g.

Registration number 10-1-6100019946


DANTE toothpaste, white teeth

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