Poy-Sian Mark II Inhaler - Gold Mints Products (2 ml)

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Poy-Sian Mark II Inhaler - a universal remedy for a headache, nausea, motion sickness in transport, seasickness, dizziness, runny nose.

Poy-Sian Mark II Inhaler - an excellent remedy for stuffiness and heat, smearing whiskey with a balm, perfectly removes nasal congestion, activates the brain, quickly brings to life a sense of weakness, is effective as a preventive tool during the flu epidemic.

Traditionally, in the lower part is a small container with oil, which is used to relieve the itching with mosquito bites. Oil is rubbed into the bite, or to the temples, to prevent dizziness.


Eucalyptus oil (8.5%), menthol (42%), camphor (16.4%), borneol (6.1%).


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