Beak Prin Nubolic royal jelly

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Beak Prin Nubolic royal jelly

Nubolic Royal jelly 1650 mg 6% 10-HDA Royal Jelly or Royal Jelly is a dietary supplement consisting of more than 20 vitamins, 17 minerals and more than 17 amino acids. Fresh royal jelly from Australia.

Nubolic Royal Jelly Concentrate 1650 mg

Vitamins A , B-Complex , C , E , D

 Lecithin Lecithin

 Coconut Oil

 6% 10-HDA

 Amino Acids Amino acids

 Royal Jelly Nubolic Royal Jelly 1650 mg

FDA number 1033695950076

How to eat royal jelly

Take only 1 tablet per day, choose any time. 


Beak Prin Nubolic royal jelly

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