Cordy plus coffee, cordy plus mixed with Cordyceps 1 box (10 sachets)

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Brand: Thailand
Product Code: Cordy plus coffee
Package Quantity: 1 box (10 sachets)
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Cordy plus coffee, cordy plus mixed with  Cordyceps 1 box (10 sachets)

instant coffee products Contains ingredients from the king of Chinese herbs like Cordyceps

 - Innovation that combines the best of valuable ingredients in the form of coffee

that brings together all the science of health care together cordyceps extract,

L-arginine, zinc amino acid chelate and selenium amino acid

Chelates, which all have benefits and properties through studies, research, research and development.

with modern production technology until becoming a dietary supplement Cordy


 - for cordyceps In traditional Chinese medicine textbooks are classified as sweet herbs.

has the effect of nourishing Can be found on high mountains with cold climates such as Tibet.

Many of you may have heard of the name "grass worm" because

“Winter is a worm Summer is grass.”

FDA number 13-2-03652-2-0067 


Cordy plus coffee, cordy plus mixed with Cordyceps