Costar Royal Jelly

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30 capsules

Costar Royal Jelly

Costar Royal Jelly 30 Tablets

Royal Jelly Costar, royal jelly, concentrated formula, can be taken for 4 months. The supplement contains important elements that help nourish the skin and can bring the balance of hormones in the body into a more balanced state. When hormones are out of balance, the menstrual cycle is uneven. Anxious about hormonal changes in the body golden age grilling want to slow down time especially in cases with high stress Royal jelly increases the efficiency of calcium absorption. Help absorb food and oxygen to nourish different parts. get better as well

How to eat royal jelly 

✔Take only 1 tablet a day, choose any time as follows

✔1. Eat royal jelly 30 minutes before meals --> Eating royal jelly before meals will help the body absorb nutrients better.

✔2. Eat royal jelly immediately after meals --> royal jelly will help stimulate the digestive system. and helps to increase metabolism better

✔3. Eat royal jelly before bed --> Eating royal jelly before bedtime will help you rest better. and repair the worn parts to return to normal work


Costar Royal Jelly

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