Thai Green Balm - Wang Prom (50g)

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Thai Green Balm is effective for pain in muscles and joints: soothes muscular pain, relieves itching and inflammation from insect bites, helps with arthritis, rheumatism. Suitable for massage and rubbing.

Thai Green Balm - Wang Prom contains a tincture of the Lupulin Barrelium plant. This is a perennial plant growing in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia. Leaves are used for medicinal purposes as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, with arthritis, rheumatism, inflammations, as well as in the treatment of swelling, bleeding wounds and boils.


Apply balm to the place of inflammation or pain, gently rubbing into the skin. For external use only.


Vaseline 45%, tincture of the plant Barleria lupulina 24%, paraffin 15%, menthol 8%, borneol 5%, camphor 3%.


Thai, Green, Balm

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