Tiger Balm Plaster-HR Cool - Haw Par (7cm×10сm)

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Tiger Balm Back Pain Patch is an effective remedy that brings relief in a few minutes after application. A unique formula based on Tiger Balm relieves back pain. Being stretchable, it reliably covers the back of the body. Protective film and special labels easily allow you to apply a patch without dirtying your clothes. Wearing a patch helps to stimulate blood circulation, which provides a soothing, relaxing effect for a long time.


Before use, wash the affected area and let it dry. Pull both ends of the patch to easily remove the protective film before applying it to the back. Remove the patch an hour before taking a shower/bath.

One package contains two patches.


Camphor (1 g), mint oil (0.6 g), eucalyptus oil (0.5 g), menthol (0.3 g), chilli extract (0.2 g).


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