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Tom Yum Paste with Complete with Creamed Coconut in one packet.

The most famous and popular product from all the seasonings from Lobo.

For preparation:

Tom Yum paste Lobo

3 cups water (720 ml)

250 g chopped chicken or shrimp

From 150 to 200 g of mushrooms (mushrooms can be)


1. Take the pot and pour all the water and fire into the pot. Before the water boils, add all the contents of the package of Tom Yum and boil.

2. Add meat and mushrooms and flip the lid.

3. Soak until meat is ready, but not overcooked!

4. Serve with rice. You can add lime juice.


Dried coconut milk, lemon grass, sugar, garlic, shallot, chile, galangal, salt, tamarind juice, camphor lemon and other spices

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Tom Yum Paste with Creamed Coconut 2 in 1 - Lobo (100g)

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